This website was created to provide our motley group of social outcasts and delusional Senior Tour Hopefuls a mixture of player information, a list of agreed upon rules, scheduling and the occasional futile attempt at humor. If you would like anything published on this site feel free to let me know and we will figure out how to get it on here.

Our group consists of retired men who simply enjoy the game of golf and a bit of competition. We are comprised of players of all skill levels, from actually decent to "I should take up bowling." No need for embarrassment here. Our normal playing days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Green Hills Golf Course in Clyde, Ohio. We play Scramble Format. Teams are usually drawn at 10:15 am and Tee off at 10:30. There is no attendance requirement. Come play when you can. We make the competition interesting by each player donating $10.00 per round. Teams are drawn with each team receiving a variety of all skill levels. The goal is to even out the teams as much as possible and form a level playing field. All donations are paid to the winning teams. Teams can win the front 9, the back 9 or both.  We love adding to our group. If you are interested in playing or have any questions call Marc at 419-341-7727 or Dan at 419-603-0881 or simply show up and introduce yourself. Hope to see you soon.

A special thanks to those players, both past and present who began this group decades ago and have managed to, in spite of health issues, arguments, resignations, deaths and course closings, keep this going. Truth is.....We may gripe and moan about inconsequential things but we all still love scrambling.

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(Pictured above)
(Robert O,Connors making sure all putts are fully holed.)